Ray Venter


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I have found that it is a real people company where everyone has a sense of belonging.


Ray Venter

Operations Manager

I was introduced to Monadelphous by a friend who was relocating to Australia and I was very interested in working for the company after researching it on the internet. I sent through my resume and was later contacted by a Monadelphous manager who was on a recruitment campaign in Calgary. I had a phone interview and was subsequently offered a position in Port Hedland.

Relocating to Australia in 2006 wasn’t the first international move for my family and I. We moved from South Africa to Canada nine years earlier and were based in Toronto before the long freezing winters drove me to look for opportunities in Australia.

Monadelphous was very accommodating of my situation in Canada and allowed me extra time to sort out some personal matters before moving to Australia.  I moved from a gloomy winter to a very sunny and hot Port Hedland and immediately knew I’d made the right decision because the move went without a hitch and everyone at Monadelphous made me and my family feel most welcome.

Over the past six years with Monadelphous I have found that 'Monos' is a real people company where everyone has a sense of belonging. Although I have seen exponential growth in the company in terms of revenue and personnel numbers since becoming part of the team, the atmosphere in the office and on site still gives one the sense that this is a smaller company where everyone knows and respects one another.

I feel privileged to be living and working in Australia, and I found out pretty quickly after moving here that I am also privileged to be working for a well respected Australian company, Monadelphous. This is the only company that I have ever worked for that cherishes its values as much as it cherishes its employees.