Helen Berridge


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The people I work with are great; I really enjoy working with them.


Helen Berridge

Crane Operator

I started with Monadelphous as a 'peggy' in 2005 and within a few weeks with the company was driving fuel trucks. I then became a dogman before driving a 'franna' which is a small crane. I learnt on the job and with the support of the team eventually got an open ticket which means I can drive a crane of any size.

I live in Dampier and as a result have never had to live in the camp. I drive in and drive out of the site each morning and evening. I am lucky that the company has had consistent work in this part of Western Australia.

Every day on this job is different and I’ve been lucky that Monadelphous has given me the chance and trained me on operating the different cranes. I have had a lot of support from construction managers, supervisors, other crane operators and riggers. I’ve been sent on formal training courses and I know that I can ask any questions any time and get an answer.

The people I work with are great - I really enjoy working with them. I’ve been with the current crew for 11 months and we work well as a team to get the work done. I am proud to say that I am a crane operator and even prouder to be part of the Monadelphous team.