Training with us

The Monadelphous Development Centre is an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering high risk work licence training, nationally accredited craft skills training, verification of competency, skills assessments and pre-mobilisation training. The centre is designed with simulated work environments, industry focused facilities and industry specific equipment to ensure our participants are trained with competency to perform their jobs safely.

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High Risk Courses


Basic Rigging

Intermediate Rigging

Advance Rigging 

Basic Scaffolding 

Intermediate Scaffolding 

Advanced Scaffolding 

Elevating Work Platform

Vehicle Loading Crane 

Non Slewing Crane 

Slewing Mobile Crane (Up to 20 tonnes) 

Slewing Mobile Crane (Up to 60 tonnes)

Slewing Mobile Crane (Up to 100 tonnes)

Slewing Mobile Crane (Over 100 tonnes)



Accredited Courses

Gas Test Atmospheres

Confine Small Workplace Emergencies

Telescopic Materials Handler

Enter and Work in Confined Spaces

Work Safely at Heights

Recognition of Current Compentencies
Work Safely at Heights  Enter and Work in Confinded Spaces