Enter and Work in Confined Spaces (CSE) - RIIWHS202D

The Enter and Work in Confined Spaces course is aimed at those working in operational roles undertaking work in confined spaces.


The aim of this course is to provide participants with good knowledge of the following key points and the ability to apply this knowledge with wisdom in a practical way:

  • Legislation requirements
  • Definition of a Confined Space
  • Risk Assessment and identifying hazards
  • Controlling the risks
  • Atmospheres
  • Emergency procedures
  • Plan and prepare for working a confined space
  • Enter and work safely in a confined space
  • Exit the confined space
  • Clean and pack up work area


The specified pre-requisite unit required is shown below and it is strongly recommended that all participants are able to meet the Entry Requirements before attempting this course.

  • Sufficient level of language and literacy skills to perform the assessment and complete calculations
  • Presentation of participant’s own Unique Student Identifier (USI) number
  • No claustrophobia
  • Flexible and able to crawl through restricted space
  • Ability to wear a safety harness rated to 160 kg
  • Age 18 years or over


1 day (8 hours) consisting of:

  • Classroom training: Accredited and Licensing
  • Practical skills training: Accredited and Licensing
  • Assessment: Accredited theory and practical

On successful completion of this course, participants are presented with a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment for RIIWHS202D Enter and Work in Confined Spaces.