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Analyst Coverage

The following organisations publish research on Monadelphous.

APP Securities 02 9226 0091 Russell Wright
Baillieu Holst 03 9282 8127 Piers Flanagan
Citi Research 03 8643 9781 Siraj Ahmed
CLSA Australia  02 8571 4351 Richard Johnson
Credit Suisse 02 8205 4309  Paul Butler
Deutsche Bank 02 8258 2848 Craig Wong-Pan
Goldman Sachs 02 9321 8733 Alex Karpos
Hartleys  08 9268 3052 Trent Barnett 
JP Morgan 02 9003 8888 Jolyon Wellington
Macquarie  02 8232 8633 John Purtell
Morgan Stanley 02 9770 1536 Nicholas Robison
Morningstar Inc. 02 9276 4478
Mark Taylor
Shaw & Partners 02 9238 1292 Danny Younis
Wise Owl 02 8031 9700 Simon Herrmann


Any report or other material containing Analyst coverage of Monadelphous ("Reports") which is made available by the above noted organisations have been independently prepared and have not been commissioned by Monadelphous.  Readers of any of the Reports should obtain independent advice before making any financial and/or investment decisions. 

Any views, opinions, forecasts or recommendations in any Reports are solely those of the Analysts and do not in any way reflect the views, opinions, forecasts or recommendations of Monadelphous. Monadelphous does not endorse the content of the Reports, nor does Monadelphous make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability of the content of the Reports.

The inclusion of the above contact details does not constitute an offer by the organisations to provide Reports or advice.

To the extent permitted by law, neither Monadelphous nor Monadelphous personnel shall be liable or responsible for any losses, damages, costs, expenses or claims arising in any way (including by way of negligence or otherwise) from anyone acting upon, relying upon or refraining from acting upon any Report or any information or material arising from or incidental to any Report, whether in writing or otherwise. 

Reference to 'Monadelphous' means 'Monadelphous Group Limited and all other related bodies corporate.