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The living local factor

There’s a certain local community spirit and mateship you become accustomed to when living regionally, for John Nicholson, Newman resident and Monadelphous Shutdown Superintendent, that’s something he finds pride in carrying into his work environment.

John said the nature of shutdown work means you often have a different group of people from diverse backgrounds and at a range of expertise levels put into a team environment, and you have to very quickly mould together to get the job done successfully and above all safely.

“Looking out for each other is a fundamental part of Newman lifestyle, and that’s something that’s certainly transitioned into our work environment and culture.”

“Our shutdown personnel haven’t necessarily worked together before, so arrive on site as individuals. As time progresses, they come together as one, which is really satisfying to watch.”

A family man, John loves what regional living brings to his family’s lifestyle. “Our kids have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports together from soccer, netball, AFL, BMX, dance, little athletics, scouts and swimming. It’s great to see them enjoy this and grow each year. This isn’t something we could manage in the big city,” he said.

“It’s great on the weekends to spend time with your work mates out riding motorbikes, visiting the many swimming holes, exploring the bush and relaxing having BBQs.” “We’re a tight-knit community and I think it’s a tribute to the business’ up here.”