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Lydia's story

With applications to the Monadelphous annual Vacation Program now open, we caught up with Vacation student, Lydia to hear about her experience last year.

How did you find the Monadelphous application process?

The process was very simple – I submitted an application, had an online interview and then a face-to-face interview.

What hands-on experience did you get during the Vacation Program?

I worked on a project that aims to help Monadelphous sites become paper-free. I joined the business development and innovation team, looking at Barrow Island in particular, where I had the opportunity to take two three-day trips up there. While I was there, I interviewed employees about their form requirements and looked for opportunities to consolidate almost 300 forms.

Luke Burgess And Lydia Milani OG Cropped

It was quite a daunting task at the beginning. I was also able to tour the Waste Water Treatment Plant, the Reverse Osmosis Plant and the LNG Plant, which was a fantastic experience. A highlight for me though was worked on a campaign aimed at raising awareness about the existence of augmented and virtual reality technology, by allowing people to participate in activities and demonstrations autonomously, at their own pace. 

One of my main responsibilities was putting together a set of instructions for the campaign and designing a form to collect feedback on the trials we conducted. There was a lot of trial and error throughout the process, but this was good, especially for someone who was learning.

Do you have any advice for students interested in applying for the Monadelphous Vacation Program?

I think you’ve got to have the right attitude towards your work, especially when you’re working on tasks that may be out of your area of expertise. If you give it your all and try your best, you can definitely make something out of it. Also, take any opportunity given to you. I’ve been able to try so many different things, which has really enriched my experience. Don’t be afraid to try something you don’t think you’ll know how to do, just give it a go!

Applications to the Monadelphous 2018 Vacation Program are now open, to apply visit