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Vacation Program offers awesome opportunities

The Monadelphous annual Vacation Program offers 12 weeks of paid, on-the-job training through hands-on experience and exposure to life on site.

We caught up with Luke, a Mechanical Engineering student who completed the Vacation Program with us last year.

Luke Burgess Barrow 2

How did you find the Monadelphous application process and what attracted you to Monadelphous?

The more I read about Monadelphous, the more I got excited about the company. I could really see myself working there. I got the impression Monadelphous focused on the type of person you were, which is great.

What hands-on experience did you get during the Vacation Program?

My work focused on asset equipment orders and improving traceability in this area. It helped me learn about the supply chain process – I was doing a lot of orders for the equipment and my supervisors built me up so I could put in full orders for clients and follow them all the way through. We even went down to our workshop in Bibra Lake and packed sea containers destined for Darwin and Karratha – it was great to be given such responsibility. My supervisors were always there to check what I’d done and provide feedback when necessary, which was a great way to learn. In addition, I was lucky to have two weeks at Barrow Island with the maintenance-based mechanical engineering team working on a range of projects, big and small, which was a great experience.

What was the main highlight from the Vacation Program?

Definitely when I went to Barrow Island. I’d never been to site before, so to have the opportunity to do so was pretty awesome. As well as that, it was honestly just the people you work with. It’s a great workplace to be as people are always happy to talk, happy to stop and help you out, or to answer any questions you have.

Do you have any advice for students interested in applying for the Monadelphous Vacation Program?

Monadelphous gives you a reasonable amount of responsibility as a vacation student, so accept the responsibility, but don’t be afraid to ask questions at any stage. In your initial application, don’t be afraid to show your personality, character and niche experiences – it goes a long way in helping you stand out from the crowd!

Applications to the Monadelphous 2018 Vacation Program open on Monday. To apply, visit