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2021-24 Gender Diversity & Inclusion Plan launches

211130 Monadelphus 017On Tuesday, 30 November 2021 we officially launched our second Gender Diversity and Inclusion Plan for 2021-2024, a positive step in our diversity and inclusion journey.

Our launch event at Fraser’s in Kings Park featured a panel discussion facilitated by Lorna Rechichi, General Manager Heavy Lift, with insightful discussions between Paul Everingham, Chief Executive of the Chamber of Minerals and Energy in WA, Claire Negus, Head of Projects, Contracts and Procurement in the West at BHP, Sue Murphy AO, Monadelphous Non-Executive Board Member and Kate Baker, Monadelphous Project Manager.

At Monadelphous, we work hard attracting, developing and retaining people who are highly competent, live the Monadelphous values and actively contribute to the long-term success of our business. People are the absolute key to our success.

We believe diversity in our workforce supports this objective by creating the widest possible pool of available talent and by bringing a broader range of perspectives and ideas together to create value for customers, our shareholders and our people.

When our first formal Gender Plan was launched in 2018, efforts were focused on attracting future female talent into our industry, setting gender targets for our Graduate Program and working hard to position ourselves as an employer of choice. We also made commitments to develop and educate our people to foster a stronger understanding of the value that gender diversity brings to our business.

Good progress was made through our first Plan across a number of areas, including increasing female participation in our graduate program from a rate of near zero up to 25%. We also increased the number of women on our Board and in senior management roles, retained more than 90% of our key female talent, supported career pathways for women and raised awareness and promoted female participation in our industry.

As with all our business planning at Monadelphous, our approach is to engage with our people and stakeholders with the aim of getting everybody involved in our plans and in their achievement. Our Gender Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2021-2024 builds on the previous Plan and has been developed in consultation with our workforce, leadership teams and in alignment with industry stakeholders.

Everyone at Monadelphous has a part to play in ensuring we achieve these important commitments, contributing to ultimately realise our vision of being a great company to work for and to work with.

For further information, please contact Ella McCarthy, Group Manager of Marketing and Communications