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We have committed to minimising our environmental impact by implementing appropriate management systems and processes. We have voluntarily engaged in greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting, highlighting our efforts to minimise our carbon footprint. We are ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Our approach

Monadelphous recognises the importance of the natural environment in the regions where we operate and the need to manage our activities for long-term environmental sustainability. Our objective is to minimise the impact from our operations through the identification and mitigation of risks to the natural environment. This is achieved through leadership, resources, processes, education and a demonstrable commitment to the Monadelphous Environmental Policy.

Environmental performance

We have maintained a strong record of environmental performance through the use of robust environmental management systems and procedures.  Following the initiatives set out in our Environmental Strategic Plan, we have established targets and measures for data collection which will assist with the monitoring of long-term trends. Targets include continued certification to the ISO14001:2015 standard and a serious environmental incident frequency rate (SEIFR) of zero.

Monadelphous operates in a number of environmentally sensitive areas including Class-A Nature Reserves, such as Barrow Island off the north-west coast of Western Australia, and World Heritage Areas, such as the Great Barrier Reef off Queensland. When operating in these areas Monadelphous complies with conditions prescribed by customers and regulators as a minimum standard.

Carbon emissions

Carbon emissions data is monitored for environmental planning, legislative requirements and sustainability reporting purposes. This involves the collection of data relating to fuel use, energy consumption and indirect emissions. We have voluntarily engaged in greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting, highlighting our efforts to minimise our carbon footprint.

Environmental initiatives

Our employees participate in a comprehensive environmental awareness program that focuses on a different environmental initiative each month. Some of the initiatives in which our employees actively participate include: 

- Clean up Australia Day
- World Environment Day
- Swan River care and management
- Energy conservation program.

Our Perth and Brisbane offices have a Green Star energy rating of four, signifying 'Best Practice' (as rated by the Green Building Council of Australia). We continue to look for ways to minimise our environmental footprint by investing in more efficient technology and implementing conservation programs for energy, waste and water.