Together we deliver

Our Operations

Monadelphous’ experience is in providing customer-focused solutions, from engineering right through to operate and maintain, over the complete life cycle of an asset, in ways that are innovative, cost-effective and safe.

Our diverse and multidisciplined teams live our values, with proven capability that is scalable from discrete packages of work to complete self-perform end-to-end projects. We deliver what we promise - that’s why our customers return to us for repeat business.

We draw and build on our almost 50 years of experience to deliver global solutions of all scales for our customers in urban and remote environments – from near cities to isolated gold, iron ore, nickel, multi-metals, coal and energy projects.

Our operations span from Australia, where we have our global headquarters, to China, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Chile and the Philippines.

Our service offering is broken into two divisions, Engineering Construction and Maintenance and Industrial Services, which are supported by a Corporate division.