Together we deliver

Corrosion management

Blast and paint

We are experienced in the application of protective coatings to extend the life of plant, equipment and structures. Our team provides flexible execution models, both offsite and onsite, to suit our customers’ needs. Our mobile blast units are engineered to the highest standard and meet site equipment standards required by all major customers. Depending on particular site requirements, we can additionally offer wet blasting, high-pressure water or ultra-high pressure to cater for a variety of site infrastructure maintenance and tie-in construction challenges.

Specialist coatings

Using the latest protective coatings and treatment methods, we offer a range of specialised systems and services in addition to traditional industrial coating service allowing us to provide alternate coating options and bespoke solutions to a variety of corrosion challenges.

Our specialist coating systems include:

  • Polyurea coating systems
  • Thermal disbonding systems
  • Wrapping systems
  • Ceramic coatings
  • Passive fireproofing (PFP) systems
  • Thermal metal spraying