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Automated Alumina Delivery System Installation

Boyne Smelters Limited - Gladstone QLD

Project Execution Period

May 2009 - February 2011

Project Description

Upgrade of existing operations including installation of a new automated alumina distribution system and associated infrastructure to enhance current alumina operations. All work was undertaken in a fully operational smelter under live load conditions in an environment with cell potential of ~230,000 amps and cells operating at a temperature of ~950°C.

Contract Value

$60 Million

Scope of Work

Part supply, complete installation and commissioning assistance of all structural, mechanical, piping, instrumentation and electrical works required for the automated alumina distribution system to the Boyne Smelter cells in reduction lines one and two

Each reduction line is approximately 1,200 meters long and consists of 240 pots per reduction line (480 in total). Lines remain fully operational during the project execution.

Installation of ~4,400 metres of air slides with all associated access walkways and platforms within the roof cavity of the existing building. This included fluidisation air supply system, installation of an airslide system on 480 cells, existing compressed air modification utilising hot tap methods and power and control systems for the automated alumina distribution system.

Installation of motor control centre rooms, fluidisation fans, pressurisation fans, roof ducting and modifications to four existing 750-tonne alumina storage bins.

Highlights and Achievements
  • Electrical installation into existing system and successful conversion of 480 cells during live operational feed.
  • Excellent safety record in operational environment with high average ambient temperature in work areas. 
  • All scheduled milestones achieved on time.
  • Successful operational interface without any delay to operation.