Together we deliver

Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation Scheme Stages 1 and 2

Methven, Canterbury Plains, New Zealand

Project execution period

Stage 1 – December 2010 – February 2012

Stage 2 – April 2012 – October 2015

Project description

The Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation Scheme (BCIS) was developed to supply an area that was previously serviced only by groundwater sources at the top end of the Canterbury Plains region of New Zealand.

The BCIS takes water from the Rakaia River to supply 19,000 hectares of prime agricultural land. The project involved engaging with landowners, developing a concept design and cost. The works included the construction of header ponds from the main supply channels, and piping into new areas to deliver water under pressure.

Following the success of stage one, Monadelphous was awarded the stage two contract.

Contract value

Stage 1 - NZ$20 million

Stage 2 – NZ$11 million

Scope of work

Development, design, procurement, installation, construction, testing and commissioning of both stage one and two.

Stage one included five main distribution pipelines and over 60kms of high-density polyethylene pipeline (HDPE), while stage two included the addition of two main distribution pipelines and over 47kms of HDPE pipe.

Both stages combined included over 16 pumping stations and 89 property off-takes with isolation, flow and pressure management, completed with full commissioning, testing and handover of the system.

 Highlights & achievements
  • The distribution network was designed to allow for undecided farmers to connect to the scheme during construction, or in the years following completion of the project without significant disturbance to operations
  • A project end date was committed to without the final design – the detailed design ran in parallel with construction to accommodate for continuous change to meet shareholder requirements, resulting in the project being effectively delivered within the program schedule