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Boddington Gold Mine Expansion

Boddington Gold Mine Management Company - Boddington WA

Project Execution Period

October 2007 - October 2009

Project Description

As part of the Boddington Gold Mine Expansion Project, Monadelphous was awarded the structural, mechanical and piping erection contract for the dry processing area.

Contract Value
  • $220 million structural, mechanical and piping
  • $75 million electrical and instrumentation
Scope of Work

Monadelphous has been contracted to undertake the installation of the mechanical plant, equipment and piping for the dry processing area which includes two primary crushers, five secondary crushers, four high pressure grinding rolls and a 2.4km overland conveyor. The scope also entails the construction of the coarse ore stockpile and screening building including all interconnecting conveyors, chutes and bins.

Monadelphous preassemble all conveyor trusses at the AMC yard in Henderson and then transport the trusses by road, to site. Other preassembly work includes piping and electrical racks, conveyor galleries, feeders and shuttles. Electrical outfitting of all preassembled items has been carried out by Monadelphous’ electrical division.

On completion of the works in the dry processing area, Monadelphous was awarded $37 million of extra works in the wet processing area consisting of the carbon in leach train two installation, reagents piping system installation, punching out completion of other contractors’ works and commissioning support.

Highlights & Achievements
  • Excellent safety performance with 750,000 direct man-hours and 230,000 indirect man-hours lost time injury free through to completion.
  • Monadelphous successfully increased manning levels to handle an increased scope and the customer’s accelerated schedule.
  • The implementation of an offsite preassembly strategy reduced onsite hours creating increased efficiency and allowing for progression of parallel activities. This resulted in a safer working environment with less condensed areas and reduced overhead work. 
  • Monadelphous was requested to move into the wet side and execute $37 million of other contractors’ works, due to high performance levels in dry side, including full installation of carbon in leach train two.