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Bondi STP Rehabilitation Works

Sydney Water Corporation - Bondi Outfall System (BOOS)

Project execution period

July 2016 - July 2017

Project description

The Bondi Ocean Outfall System (BOOS) was initially constructed circa 1889 and originally discharged untreated effluent at the cliff face. Currently, Bondi WWTP discharges 126.5ML/day of treated waste water making it the third largest WWTP in Sydney.

The primary intent of the rehabilitation work is to address both deterioration of concrete, brick and stones surfaces and corrosion of metalwork within the Diversion Chamber, Inlet Channels and the Plant Bypass Tunnel. Rehabilitation includes the repointing of trachyte blockwork in the downstream section of the Plant Bypass Tunnel.

Scope of work

The contract includes the management of the access and movement of personnel and equipment within the plant around adjacent areas and into areas required for repairs. In addition, the provision of all confined spaces measures including access, temporary working platforms, communication, ventilation, flow monitoring/flow control and coordination necessary to facilitate the internal rehabilitation was performed.

Coordination with Sydney Water to establish a Flow Management Plan and establishment and implementation of a Ventilation and Odour Control Management Plan was conducted. Geotechnical inspection of all exposed rock tunnel areas before major work commenced as well as the evaluation of existing rock bolts at the eastern end of the Inlet Channel to determine the extent of any replacement was required.