Together we deliver

Gladstone Port Rail Receival Station 3

Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited - Gladstone QLD

Project Execution Period

March 2006 - December 2006

Project Description

To manage increased coal export demand, Gladstone Ports Corporation Ltd undertook its largest ever capital works program at the Port of Gladstone. The initial expansion stage involved the RG Tanna Coal Terminal which transfers coal to ships via two existing rail unloading stations. The Monadelphous, Golding Contractors and Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited Alliance was contracted to supply and install the third rail receiving station and infeed transfer conveyors.

Contract Value

$36 million

Scope of Work

The Monadelphous, Golding Contractors and Gladstone Ports Corporation Alliance was contracted to undertake the supply and installation of:

  • New conveyor transfer towers and upgrades to existing towers
  • New infeed conveyors, support trestles and chutes
  • New dump station, feeders and ancillary equipment
  • Electrical and instrumentation control systems
  • The alliance also carried out dry commissioning and provided assistance with wet commissioning.
Highlights & Achievements
  • Project completed 10 days ahead of schedule. The alliance was driven by the common goal “to complete the project in the shortest possible time”. Where delays were encountered in the procurement process, solutions were found to mitigate these.
  • The alliance team shared resources and coordinated “just in time” deliveries of fabricated steel and procured items to ensure the successful project outcome.
  • Excellent safety performance achieving 350,000 hours LTI free over a 35 week period on site, in limited space within a fully operational coal export facility.