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Network and Facilities Renewal Program

Northern Suburbs Ocean Outfall Sewer (NSOOS) - Sydney NSW

Project execution period

December 2016 - Ongoing

Project description

The Northern Suburbs Ocean Outfall Sewer (NSOOS) is the third major sewerage system in Sydney, supporting the city’s wastewater needs. As part of the Sydney Water Corporations Network and Facilities Renewal Program, over 28kms of the NSOOS network is being rehabilitated to support the growing wastewater demands of Sydney.

Scope of work

The scope of work includes the desilting, cleaning and relining of NSOOS under four packages of work. Includes, mechanical, electrical and civil services for water treatment facilities, pumping stations, pipelines, reservoirs, chemical dosing facilities and odour control facilities.

NSOOS Manholes Stage 2A

  • Development, construction, supply, installation and commissioning of all works to improve access to the sewer, facilitate removal of existing debris and provide for future rehabilitation works.

West Middle Harbour Manhole Rehab

  • The rehabilitation of existing maintenance holes (MHs) located in the NSOOS that have reached or are approaching the end of their effective service life.

NSOOS Desilting, Cleaning and Relining Package A

  • Desilting, internal rehabilitation, additional flow management plans and systems and site restoration.

NSOOS Desilting, Cleaning and Relining Package B

  • Removal of all silt and debris
  • Internal rehabilitation of internal surfaces including surface preparation, stainless reinforcement, shotcreting and protective coatings