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Wagerup Calciner Stack Installation Project

Alcoa of Australia Limited - Wagerup WA

Project Execution Period

May 2002 – October 2002

Project Description

The project entailed the installation of a new calciner stack cluster and associated equipment at Alcoa’s Wagerup alumina refinery.

Contract Value

$2 million

Scope of Work

Monadelphous was contracted to project manage the installation of the stack cluster and associated equipment to connect the new stacks to the alumina refinery calcination and liquor burning processors.

This involved the installation of five calciner stacks - three at 2.4 metres in diameter and two at 0.8 metres in diameter - to a height of 100 metres above ground level. It also required a sampling house to be installed at 54 metres above ground level.

Additionally, the scope of work included the installation of all necessary ductwork, piping and tie-ins to the refinery processes.

Highlights & Achievements
  • Successful installation of five stacks to a height of more than 100 metres and the sampling house at 54 metres above ground level.