Together we deliver

WICET Offshore Jetty and Ship Berth

Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal - Gladstone QLD

Project execution period

November 2011 - January 2015

Project description

The supply, fabrication assembly and delivery of the jetty and ship berth on the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) project.

The project involved the construction of a new coal export facility in Gladstone, Queensland. The scope of work included all stage one offshore plant and infrastructure including a 1.8km approach jetty and transfer tower platform, wharf, berthing and mooring dolphins, ship access platforms, jetty conveyor including the section onshore, wharf conveyor including drive and take-up tower and transfer tower.

Scope of work

The scope of work consisted of the construction of a 1.8km jetty with 194 piles constructed by launching from land, 385m jetty with 150 piles constructed using floating plant, roadways, passing bays, gantry, conveyor from the surge bin to the transfer tower, wharf conveyor (including drive and take-up tower from the transfer tower to the ship loader), and berthing/mooring dolphins. Scope of work included the construction of the Coal Export Terminal with a train unloading station and overland conveyor to skyline stockpiling conveyor. A reclaim from stockpile by underground conveyors to surge bin then jetty conveyor to wharf conveyor and shiploader.

Civil work included:

  • Precast concrete (transfer towers)
  • Prestressed concrete (deck beams)
  • Post stressed concrete (transverse stressing of beams)
  • Bridges
  • Bridge bearings
  • Road works (lime stabilisation)
  • Construction over navigable waters
  • Balanced cantilever construction
  • Construction over water using cofferdams and floating cranes
  • Launching trusses and complex steel girders