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Yandicoogina (HIY) 24Mta & 600 kt Upgrade

Rio Tinto Iron Ore - Yandicoogina WA

Project Execution Period

August 2003 - March 2004

Project Description

The project involved a two-fold expansion of the Yandicoogina facility to boost production capacity from 20Mtpa to 24Mtpa and increase stockyard capacity by 600Kt, to meet expanded production and also allow for future planned increases.

Contract Value

$29 million

Scope of Work

The contract scope comprised the supply of a vertical construction package of structural, mechanical and electrical works for the two-fold plant expansion.

This included the drafting, supply and installation of approximately 1,300 tonnes of structural steelwork, as well as the installation of mechanical equipment including crushers, screens and conveyors, to increase the plant’s production and stockpiling capabilities.

The contract also involved supplying and installing all service pipework, electrical equipment and associated instrumentation required to complete the expansion.

Highlights & Achievements
  • Project completed on time with an exceptional safety record
  • All schedule milestones were met or exceeded.